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Technology Day

The Technology Day (commonly called "tech day") started as a way to bring a hands-on component to the Healdsburg Science Fair. There have been many activities over the years including catapults, string racers and recently a Rube Goldberg competition.

Our long term goal is to expand this event to include a wide range of exhibits that celebrate the application of science and technology with a significant focus on education.

We are working hard to put together a spectacular 2018 Tech Day! As we continue to plan the activities, we will update this page so you know what to expect.

Prior Events Have Included

Rube Goldberg Competition (Grades 6-8)

The Rube Goldberg Competition is an event where students compete to build a machine that accomplishes a simple task using a combination of "simple machines". They are entertaining to watch and help teach students some simple properties of physics. More information and rules.

Hand's On, Maker Faire Style Events


Discover how rubber bands, a sling, and a few chairs can be turned into a slingshot that can launch objects across the room. When pulled back, slingshots store energy that is then changed when the sling is released. The rubber bands allow you to change how far the ammo launches and in what direction, but can be hard to control. 


Using wooden dowels as a base and arm, construct a structure that can sling ammo across the room. The further you pull the arm back, the more energy is stored in it. When you let go a a simple machine launches your ammo changing that stored energy into kinetic energy. See if you can launch yours the furthest. 


Students will learn the basic principles of a rocket being launched using compressed air. Starting with a simple 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper with a printed template and some tape, they will cut and form a rocket.  After completing the rocket, they will bring them to an adult at the launching station where they can use a bicycle pump to form some pressure then launch the rocket into the sports field next to the gym. A video from Maker Faire in Mountain View, CA gives a rough idea about our plans:

Coding School

Learn the basics of computer programming with a simple drag-and-drop blocks. The intuitive interface allows students to see how to create loops and logical steps all while creating a game they can play. The characters for younger students include Star Wars, Frozen and Minecraft. Ages (6+) For older students we will explore similar but more advanced topics. Every student will receive a handout so they can continue at home!

For more information:


Program dash robots using an iPad to run an obstacle corse while making sounds, blinking their lights and controlling their head movements.


  • Location: Healdsburg Junior High


Technology Day


Saturday, March 10th, 2018

* Note! Different from prior years, this year Technology Day will be held 8 days prior to the science fair project competition.


Rube Project Drop-Off and Setup :
10 AM

Rube Project Competition:
11 AM - 1 PM

Exhibits and Public Events:
11 AM - 1 PM