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You may work by yourself or with one other partner. Group projects are judged in the grade category corresponding to the highest grade of the students (e.g., a 5th and 6th grade student work on a project together, the project is judged in the 6th grade group). The science fair is a competition, and comparing a single student to a group of 3, 4 or even more students is not fair, therefore, no more than two students may work together on a project. Class projects are only eligible for class recognition awards.

No.  A collection does not satisfy the essential steps of THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. What is the scientific method? Learn more!

A demonstration lacks sufficient experimental methods.  Adding Mentos to Dr Pepper does demonstrate a reaction but it falls short of science because you have not altered a variable and observed the result.  Now if you altered and controlled the fluid temperature and then measured the change in eruptive force then that would be an experiment – but please – we see that every year too.

No.  We have very little time from the end of normal registration till we start judging. You may get a participation ribbon but your project will probably not be reviewed.