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Awards Night Coordinator

Time Estimate

  • 15 - 20 Hours a year

Overall Responsibility

  • Determine what prizes will be given to students at each achievement level
  • Order any needed ribbons, shirts, medals, etc.
  • Solicit prizes for participation & honorable mention
  • Hand out prizes to students on Awards Night

Support Required

  • Will interface with Communications Coordinator to get printed materials
  • Will interface with Tech Day / Judging Coordinators to obtain results
  • Will interface with Secretary / Treasurer to get checks


  • Finalize award amounts and types with other committee members
  • Solicit donations for various prizes. The most commonly needed are:
    • Participation (Costeaux has donated a cookie – we’ve created a coupon)
    • Honorable Mentions
  • Maintain an inventory of various items (ribbons, shirts, medals, etc.)
  • Order any needed replacements
  • Work with Communications Coordinator to create any needed coupons (if a coupon is part of a prize)
  • Ensure participation ribbons and any needed coupons are provided to Registration Coordinator no later than Sunday before registration
  • Get the award winners from the Tech Day and Judging Coordinators
  • Work with the Secretary / Treasurer to get checks for each of the larger award winners and cash for smaller awards.


  • Inventory of ribbons, medals, etc.


  • Dinn Bros has provided the ribbons/medals in the past.