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We are always in need of volunteers in the areas of judging, registering projects, hosting the public, mentoring students and other areas. We have positions available for all levels of involvement and time availability.

During the Science Fair Week we need people to tackle the following tasks:

  • Technology Day Activities - Work with students to teach them the point of the station. In the past we've had stations (Maker Faire like exhibits) such as air rocket launchers, coding schools, catapults, and robot programming.
  • Technology Day Registration & General Help - This position would help check in contestants, setup and break-down the event, direct people and provide general support.
  • Registration - Both Sunday and Monday we need help with registering projects.
  • Judges - If you have a science background, we need judges to help us review, score, judge and provide good feedback on 300+ projects.
  • Fair Host - All day Wednesday & Thursday we need personable people to welcome visitors and over 500 students to the fair, provide simple information and generally watch out for the open venue.


If anything here interests you or if you have any questions, please contact Brian Kreck(

All Organizing Committee Positions 

Chairperson: Sets unified vision for fair. Confirms all jobs/functions have been assigned to someone and checks in with each member to assure everything is being accomplished.

Secretary / Treasurer: Manages bank account and reimbursements. Takes and distributes meeting minutes. Watches income/expenses to identify when we have a financial problem.

Fundraising Coordinator: Works with Chair to create appeal letter. Maintains list of potential donors and distributes appeal letter to them. Follows up via phone & email when needed.

Communications / Publicity: Confirms that all publicly facing materials are attractive and maintain brand standard. Has technical & design skills to create notices, advertisements and emails… plus the ability to blast them to lists of pages. Is responsible for postings to Facebook and website.

Kick-Off Meeting Coordinator: Manages details associated with the venue (with facilities coordinator), creates presentation for the fair kick-off meeting and manages other aspects of the event.

Registration Coordinator: Is responsible for the process of accepting projects, organizing them in the proper locations (by category) and creation of the master registration list.

Judging Coordinator: Responsible for working with Chair and other committee members to establish fair rules. Responsible for communication with judges, pairing of judges and assignment to projects. Coordinates BOS judging and delivers final award listing. 

Judges Dinner Coordinator: Responsible for selection of caterer, setup of all supplies and table decorations through clean-up of dinner. 

Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for the maintenance of a master list of potential volunteers and the obtaining and scheduling of volunteers for all areas of the fair. 

Awards Ceremony Coordinator: Responsible for the creation of the PowerPoint presentation, obtaining a MC for the event and the organization of the awards to be handed to students.

Tech Day Coordinator: Responsible for posting signage, managing the registration for tech day, the use of volunteers to help traffic flow and simple oversight of other events (hand’s on fair, any technology displays, etc.)

Tech Day Judging: Responsible to work with chair and committee to determine tech day events and judging rules and management of the judging on tech day.

Facilities Coordinator: Schedule all needed facilities, provide deposits, and coordinate student bussing & public visit to the fair.

Photographer / Videographer: Responsible for photographing all events, all project winners and providing videos & images for various aspects of the fair.