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Secretary / Treasurer Job Description

Time Estimate

  • 20 Hours a year

Overall Responsibility

  • Maintain and review annual budget with committee members
  • Deposit fund raising checks into account
  • Collect receipts for expenditures and reimbursements and write checks
  • Take Minutes for Organizer Meetings

Support Required

  • None


  • Establish budget with Committee for that year
  • Take minutes and distribute
  • Order checks as needed
  • Collect and deposit checks from fund raising activities
  • Reimburse committee members as needed for expenditures
    • Collect receipts
  • Provide checks to Awards Coordinator as needed
  • Finalize reimbursements and budget after fair
    • Review with committee at final meeting
    • Propose next year’s budget


  • Bank Statements
  • Receipts
  • Check Registers
  • Budget spreadsheet*

*incl electronic media