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Photographer / Videographer

Time Estimate

  • 20 - 30 Hours a year

Overall Responsibility

  • Shoot, edit and deliver photo and video of various parts of the event.

Support Required

  • For the technology day, you might want to add a second person if you have one available.


  • Work with others to establish what shots everyone would like to see captured & generate rough shot-list.
  • Shoot the kick-off event typically the first week that students return to school in January (usually a Tuesday - Thursday night)
  • Attend the technology day event the Saturday of the event weekend and shoot photos & videos of The Rube Goldberg competition at Tech Day
  • Shoot photos & videos of the Maker Faire (like) stations at Tech Day (same day)
  • Edit video into two videos each approximately 1 1/2 - 2 minutes in length, plus make a version with both of them connected into a single video (one just concatenated to the other)
  • The videos will be used during the "open house", the judges dinner (on Tuesday evening) and during the awards ceremony.
  • Shoot location shots of the project competition, visiting students, and projects to help tell the story of "what is the science fair?" (This would be coordinated with the schools, but generally be at some point during the mornings of Wednesday and/or Thursday)
  • Edit a 3rd video reusing content from Tech day and adding the project portion of the week.
  • Shoot photos of the first place winner projects (typically Wednesday between 3PM - 6PM)
  • Shoot photos of the awards ceremony
  • Provide photos to website editor to post online
  • Upload videos to YouTube.
  • Notify communications coordinator to promote video, etc.


  • Shot list for each year
  • Dropbox of Images & Video