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Chairperson Job Description

Time Estimate

  • For just this position, the time requirements are likely quite low... perhaps 20-30 hours a year. However, the "buck stops here" with this position so sometimes this person will take over other duties when another volunteer cannot be found.

Overall Responsibility

  • Call and facilitate meetings
  • Review all committee member activities and confirm things are getting done
  • Maintain master check-off list 

Support Required

  • A second-in-command and/or scheduled replacement is a good idea
  • Will work with all committee positions


  • Maintain & follow fair schedule and check list to track tasks by month leading up to the fair
  • Call first meeting and:
    • verify assignment of roles - solicit more committee members as needed
    • review suggestions from previous year
    • solicit changes to fair and literature packets
  • Ultimately responsible for all record keeping
  • Call follow up meetings approximately monthly leading up to fair
    • Call weekly meetings the final month before the fair
  • Call meeting after fair (dinner meeting optional) to:
    • review what went well and what could be better
    • solicit and assign committee assignments for following year
    • celebrate
  • Work with school district to determine dates for next year’s fair
  • Work with the Facilities coordinator to secure the various venues.
  • Investigate new methods / procedures / etc. to refine and improve the process
  • Continue to cultivate additional committee members… ideally consider people shadowing others for a year or two before replacement if possible.
  • Either delegate or tackle the presentation on Kick-Off Night and the presentation of awards on Awards Night.


  • Committee List (1)
  • Fair Schedule and Check List (1)
  • Meeting minutes
  • Many other misc items