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2016 Award Winners

Best of Show (John Max Award)

Sofia Fausone : "Desalination"

Best of Show Runner Up (Dean Darby Award)

Sophie Vargas : "People Wobble"

Best of Group


K - 2 Saavni Kohli Which Soil do Earthworms Like?
3 - 5 Clare McGowan The Cats Jump
6 - 8 Sophie Vargas People Wobble
9 - 12 Lauren Frank Scarred for Life


K - 2 Siddarth Kohli Which Model Airplane Flies the Farthest?
3 - 5 Kaylin Smith Hard or Soft Water
6 - 8 Sofia Fausone Desalination
9 - 12 Allan Hambly and Carlos Cervantes I Can Cu

Rube Goldberg Competition

Sixth Grade

1ST Gucci Grandmas Alex Johnson
    Matthew Teldeschi
    Cevaun Gilbert
2ND NO NAME Madden Canelis
3RD Bowling Alley Zoe Turk
    Bryanna Gutierrez

Seventh Grade

1ST The Crusher Chris Dowd
    Jude West
    Lucas Cardona
2ND Can Crusher Hunter Irons
    Gabe Molina
    Cole Conley
3RD The Wooden Wonder Aidan Bernard
    Hernan Mondragon
    Angel Gonzalez

Eighth Grade

1ST Team Savage Dylan Widick
    Clay Lazzaretto
    Peyton Dove
    Williem Ridder
2ND Color Me Can Alyssa Fletcher
    Aleah Molina
3RD NO NAME Addie Nielsen
    Destiny Vera
    Natalie Ludwig

Life Science Awards

Second Grade

1ST Saanvi Kohli Which Soil Do Earthworms Like?
2ND Meher Dhiman Designer Ears
2ND Brooklyn Antolini  
HM Lily Nieto  

Third Grade

1ST Eva Munselle What Type of Hair is the Strongest?
2ND Itzel Clow What Type of Manure Makes Pansies Grow Faster?
3RD Tricia McMahon Taste Percecption

Fourth Grade

1ST Alexandra Moore and Danya Ruiz Amazing Behavior
2ND Tyler Ward Do Video Games Raise Your Heart Rate?
3RD Hailey Webb Local vs Artifical Foods
3RD Ian Stewart Music to the Heart

Fifth Grade

1ST Clair McGowan The Cat's Jump
2ND Aiden Overdorf Air Fresheners: Cover or Kill?

Sixth Grade

1ST Geddy Frey and Levi Frey Meal Time
2ND Anisa Thompson In The Eyes of the Beholder
3RD Kate Hall Musical Heart Rate
HM Liam O'Gorman  
HM Audrey MacVicar  
HM Zoe Holtermann  
HM Phillip Tappin  
HM Valentino Buciga  

Seventh Grade

1ST Fiona Davis The Power of Succulents
2ND Victoria Holden Home Sweet Home
3RD Kashia Holz and Gabriella Monahan Who Is That?
HM Nate Shippey  
HM Estafania Cruz Chombo  
HM Jack Dippel  

Eighth Grade

1ST Sophie Vargas People Wobble, but Who Falls Down?
2ND Julia Donlon Well Balanced
3RD Krista Stevenson and Alexandria Neihaus Ice, Ice Baby
HM Katie Remillard  
HM Isabella Brunner  
HM Cordelia Swan  
HM Malia Llerena  
HM Molly Louvau  
HM Isabelle Galvan, Kira Reed and Skyler Christie  
HM Paloma Guerrero and Annabelle Novak  
HM Antonio Ibarro  
HM Roan Affronti and Luca Lumetta  
HM Imani Thompson  
HM Michaelena Maestrovich  
HM Lupita Medrano and Kimberly Rodgers  
HM Melissa Cisneros and Claudia Saldana  
HM Travis Vos  

Tenth Grade

1ST Lauren Frank Scarred for Life
2ND Juliette Tocco Acid Rain
3RD Teo Tomerlin Unleash the Yeast

Twelfth Grade

HM Bernardo Quiroz Purifying H2O

Physical Science Awards


1ST MacKenzie Radelfinger Best Cookie Dough Experiment
HM Ms. Duree's Kinder Class  
HM Ms. Alexander's Kinder Class  
HM Ms. Jurik's Kinder Prep  

First Grade

1ST Evan Behrens, Noah Wong, Dillan Jocius, Max Hansen Hello, Hello
2ND Gavin Allred Balloon Hovercraft
3RD Milo Kluse, Lucas Brennan, Ireland Heyfron, Hailey Uribe Sun Leaf Print
HM Ivy Jo Munselle  

Second Grade

1ST Siddarth Kohli Which Model Airplane Flies the Farthest?
2ND Hailey Davis The Cookie with no Egg
3RD Dalia Buciga Density Magic

Third Grade

1ST Morgan Puckett What Temperature of Water Grows the Most Crystals in Three Days?
2ND Matisse Gallo Shiny Penny
2ND Spencer Jacobs Ice Cubes, Anyone?
HM Jack Jacobs  
HM Chad Smith  
HM Brandon Hausman  

Fourth Grade

1ST Henry Wetzel In Which Glass Does Ice Melt the Slowest?
2ND Audrey Blosser Pop-tastic
3RD Rose Weber How Do Different Temperatures Affect the Lifespan of a Bubble?
HM Thomas Peterson  
HM Gavin McMahon  

Fifth Grade

1ST Kaylin Smith Hard or Soft Water?
2ND Wesley Wiese Antis Does Mint Really Burn or Cool?
3RD Kiran Meyer Rainbow Science
HM Lyon and Phipps Classes at Healdsburg Charter School  

Sixth Grade

1ST Jennifer Doherty and Adriana Novak Do You Pay Attention to What You Wear?
2ND Audrey Nicol How Does Temperature Effect the Strength of Magnets?
3RD Colby Jacobs Evaporation of Liquids
HM Emily Dunkel  
HM Tyler McBratney  
HM Katy Conrad  
HM Annie Petersen  
HM John Prendiville  
HM Lily Zichichi  
HM Sebastian Rodriguez  
HM Adelbeca Gonzalez and Citlaly Garcia  
HM Tabatha Stewart  

Seventh Grade

1ST Sophia Witt and Isabel Savin Liquid Evaporation
2ND Emma Falberg Ghost Mud
3RD Nayceth Pelace and Emely Rosillio Towel Power
HM John Carlos Kinsella  
HM Ulysses Olney and Braedon Russo  
HM Aleah Garcia  
HM Zack Baumunk  
HM Aiden Watson  
HM Maria Vasquez and Mercedes Ibanez  
HM Nataleigh Johnson  
HM Parker Jones and Madison Foppiano  
HM Maricruz Gonzales  
HM Cami Hernandez and Diana Guzman  
HM Lauren Amaturo and Chauncey Maus  

Eighth Grade

1ST Sofia Fausone Desalination:Be Grateful What You Wish For
2ND Conner Browning Flamin Hot Firewood
3RD Natalie Frank The Name is Bond. Glue Bond
HM Dillon Dunkel  
HM Yasmin Villa  
HM Paolo Ciolino  
HM Stephanie Beard  
HM Xzavier Vasquez  
HM Eva Hernandez and Joana Angel  
HM Samantha Onate and Maya Fiel  
HM Kemberlee Rubio and Ria Paz  
HM Rayne Reese and Simone Gentry  
HM Delaney Seuferer  

Tenth Grade

1ST Jessica Welch and Evelyn Temperature of Colors
2ND Keller Phenicie and Alex Dijorio Liquid Expansion

Eleventh Grade

1ST Allan Hambly and Carlos Cervantes I Can Cu

2018 Dates


Science Fair Kick-Off

45-60 Minute Overview
Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
5:30 PM

The Healdsburg School
33 Healdsburg Ave H
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Technology Day

Date: Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Rube Project Drop-Off and Setup : 10 AM
Rube Project Competition:
11 AM - 1 PM
Exhibits and Public Events:
10 AM - 1 PM

Healdsburg Junior High
315 Grant St
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Project Competition

Sunday, March 18th, 2018
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Monday, March 19th, 2018
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Public Viewing:
Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday, March 22nd, 2018
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Awards Night
Thursday, March 22nd, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Villa Chanticleer

1248 N. Fitch Mountain Road
Healdsburg CA 95448