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Kick-Off Night Coordinator

Time Estimate

  • 8-10 Hours a year

Overall Responsibility

  • Create and manage the fair orientation and Q&A called “Kick-Off Night” (formally "Library" night) 

Support Required

  • This person will likely have other people help with presentations.
  • The facilities coordinator will schedule the library night dates well in advance.


  • Prepare overall presentation.
  • Perhaps create PowerPoint presentation to help with the visual elements.
  • Ensure technology day & science fair examples are provided for demonstration purposes.
  • Setup library room in advance and help clean up.
  • Get from other members the Science Fair Rules & tech day rules so they can be provided.
  • Work with children’s librarian to get them flyers well in advance, plus perhaps some other handout materials.


  • In prior year we have had as many as 20 - 75 students.

Records & Items Needed

  • PowerPoint from Prior Years
  • Video examples of tech day tasks (currently Rube Goldberg machines)
  • Rube Goldberg in-person demo
  • Science Fair in-person demos