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2018 Science Fair Award Winners

Best of Show (John Max Award)

Madeline Gorman : "Pendulum Pandemonium"

Best of Show Runner Up (Dean Darby Award)

Sammie Hackett : "Don't eat money"

Best of Group


K - 2 Amber Dhiman Don't let it Burn
3 - 5 Ava McGinty What is the best household solution for keeping fresh cut roses alive the longest?
6 - 8 Sammie Hackett Don't eat money
9 - 12 Natalie Frank A Little Rad'll Do Ya


K - 2 Ronan McGinty Clean up your Dirty Money!
3 - 5 Meher Dhiman Living Roofs - Cool or Not?
6 - 8 Madeline Gorman Pendulum Pandemonium
9 - 12 Allison Frank The Level on Lactose

Rube Goldberg Competition

Best of Junior High

Each year the 1st place winners compete against each other to win the "best of junior high". This year's winner is Rube Cisco by Sophie HansenAlyssa Somer & Leo Nieto.

Sixth Grade

1ST Rube Cisco Sophie Hansen
    Alyssa Somer
    Leo Nieto
2ND The Golden Boys Ishmael Tillis
    Zachary Butler
    John Sweeny
3RD Billy Bob Austin Collins
    Charlie Graves

Seventh Grade

1ST Lights, Camera, Action Vayle Kennedy
    Alex Greene
    Julia Bernara
2ND Sports are Amazing Itzel Ortiz
3RD Fore Logan Cardona
    Edsel Valdez
    Jair Valencia

Eighth Grade

1ST Sports! Zoe Turk
    Katy Conrad
    Bree Gutierrez
2ND The Hole in Ones Aiden Herrguth
    Rider Monahan
    Alex Rosales
    Matthew Teldeschi
3RD Green Eric Lopez
    Cooper Inman
    Martin Vega

Life Science Awards

First Grade

1ST Kevin Suazo The Effect that Beverages have on Egg Shells

Second Grade

1ST Amber Dhiman Don't let it Burn
2ND Heidi Stuhlmuller What Keeps Flowers Fresh Longer?
3RD Emma Azevedo Will a Lemon Conduct Electricity
HM Lucas Welty Oil's Effect on Our Planet

Third Grade

1ST Ava McGinty What is the best household solution for keeping fresh cut roses alive the longest?
2ND Chloe Cropper How do Cut Flowers Use Water?
3RD Ava Campbell What Treat do Horses Like Best?
HM Natalia Loarie Impact of heat on the germination of grass
HM Ivy Jo Munselle Does Exercise Change Body Temperature

Fourth Grade

1ST Hayley Davis Burning Branches
2ND Hugo Traverso How Do Different Soils Retain Water
3RD Lili Nieto Water Ways
HM Johnny Ray Smith Eggs & Soda

Fifth Grade

2ND Eva Munselle Does homemeade weed killer work as well as roundup
3RD Soren Shioda Bacteria VS Natural Antiseptics
HM Celia Vallotone What Kind of Water Helps Garlic Chives Grow the Best

Sixth Grade

1ST Isabel Smith Does Sugar Help Mold Grow?
2ND Margot Chandler Moldy Cheese
3RD Amelia Swicegood How does music affect memory?
HM Emma Grove Fast Tracks
HM Lucas York Does the pH of water affect how plants grow?
HM Jacob Scott Sleep 'n screens
HM Tyler Ward Does drinking liquids raise your heart rate?

Seventh Grade

1ST Sammie Hackett Don't eat money
2ND Gabriel Rodriguez The Mind's Eye
3RD Kiran Meyer / Clare McGowan Plants and Light Colors
HM Eliot Gomez How clean is it? bacteria in your kitchen
HM Genise Mestrovich All Natural
HM Matthew Nielsen WORLD COLOR
HM Owen Behrens True Colors
HM Kaelene Cave Cress & WiFi

Eighth Grade

1ST Jennifer Doherty / Adriana Novak Don't shuck them up they help clean up
2ND Molly Miller Time and Tempo
3RD Katie Meyer Fermentation Formation: A Sugar Science
HM Stephanie Aimo The Effect of Phototropism
HM Quinn Shioda Does it taste better than it sounds?
HM Jesse Cobb / Matthew Rowland To Kill A Plant

Tenth Grade

1ST Natalie Frank A Little Rad'll Do Ya

Physical Science Awards

First Grade

1ST Ronan McGinty Clean up your Dirty Money!

Second Grade

1ST Ian Welty Cold or Hot Chocolate: Which is Ready First?
2ND Quinn Vallotton How does the distance between two magnets affect force?
3RD Conor McGinty The Greasy Truth About Potato Chips
HM Max Bowman Which SPF level provides the best protection?

Third Grade

1ST Jackson Puckett How Does the Weight of a Paper Airplane Affect the Distance It Flies?
2ND Lila Kreck Stains Unwanted
2ND Jose Becerra Are My Favorite Fruits Magnetic?
3RD Mackenzie Grewer Bubble Gum Blow Out
HM Gavin Allred Who Gets Top Mark
HM Ryan Schulze Laundry Lab

Fourth Grade

1ST Meher Dhiman Living Roofs - Cool or Not?
2ND Dalia Buciga Slime
3RD Estelle Stevens Which location has the most air particles

Fifth Grade

1ST Penelope Kantor Do More Expensive Batteries Really Last Longer and Are They Worth It?
2ND Julius Skamarack SLIME STUDY
3RD Julian Johannsen Fire and Water
HM Sara Cavallo egg drop

Sixth Grade

1ST Alex Barnes A Pressured Situation
2ND Mahan Assadipour The race to melt
3RD Milly Olch Popcorn Time?
HM Amelia Glassel Do All CRayons Have The Same Melting Temperature?
HM Ian Stewart Where does energy from incadescent light bulbs go?
HM Thomas Petersen Does the Color of Water Affect the Temperature
HM Mia Falberg Salty WAter
HM Kennedy Lee Static Electricity vs. Water
HM Hadley Reuter The Cookie Project

Seventh Grade

1ST Aubrey Elder Zero Attraction
2ND Adeline Waterman The Soil Affect
3RD Kaylin Smith Electricity and Water
HM Sophia Passalacqua Popcorn
HM Mason Lerma Gravity Rocks
HM Lulu Mazur The power of pressure
HM Matthew Carbajal Out Darn Spot

Eighth Grade

1ST Madeline Gorman Pendulum Pandemonium
2ND Jake Gordon Measuring the Speed of Light
3RD Lucas Olney Effects of temperature on Fermentation
HM Stephanie Hensley The Eggcellent Eggsperiment
HM Fernanda Chombo / Jocelyn Gonzalez waterproof or not?
HM Dominic Duri Measuring sugar content with a laser pointer
HM Dominic Parmeson / Finnegan McGrath What Floats Your Boat
HM Jack Ready Measuring The Tide

Ninth Grade

1ST Allison Frank The Level on Lactose

2019 Dates / Times

Science Fair Kick-Off

45-60 Minute Overview
January 22nd, 2019
5:00 PM

The Healdsburg School
33 Healdsburg Ave H
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Technology Day

Date: Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Rube Project Drop-Off and Setup : 10 AM
Rube Project Competition:
11 AM - 1 PM
Exhibits and Public Events:
10 AM - 1 PM

Healdsburg Junior High
315 Grant St
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Project Competition

Sunday, March 3rd, 2019
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM 
Monday, March 4th, 2019
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Public Viewing:
Wednesday, March 6th, 2019
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday, March 7th, 2019
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Awards Night
Thursday, March 7th, 2019
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Villa Chanticleer

1248 N. Fitch Mountain Road
Healdsburg CA 95448