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Communications / Publicity Coordinator

Time Estimate

  • 20-40 Hours a year

Overall Responsibility

  • Maintain “brand” standard for all printed materials (signage, informational packets, flyers, etc.)
  • Handle the blasting of emails
  • Handle all notices, advertisements, etc. with newspapers
  • Manage website & Facebook postings.

Support Required

  • This position is one of the larger ones in scope and especially technical skills requirements. The coordinator might want to carve out sub-tasks and put together a small sub-committee (2-3 people?)
  • This position will interface with almost all other committee members as well to provide them the proper materials.


  • Create Signage for all Events
  • Create Thank You cards for donors and volunteers
  • Manage Sending of Bulk Emails for own committee and other committees
  • Attempt to attract the attention of the media for articles about the Fair.
  • Place Thank You advertisement in the Tribune (when needed)

List of Needed Printed Materials

  • Large “Healdsburg Science Fair” sign over main doors in Villa
  • Large sign behind the registration tables
  • Use one of these signs for the main entry at the HJH
  • A sign to direct people to drop off projects and then go park (connect with Tech Day Coordinator)
  • Create Donor Thank You Sign shortly before Tech Day
  • Signs directing people through the registration process (Fill out registration form, choose physical / life, go to the proper line for physical / life)
  • Sign indicating the hours registration is open
  • Judging Handout (money solicitation?)
  • Science Fair Announcement
  • School Hall Posters (ideally)
  • Large Signs for front of Schools (like HEF’s signs)
  • Send Thank You Cards to Donors 

List of Electronic Materials

  • Library Night PowerPoint
  • Awards Night PowerPoint
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Emails for
    • Announcements to Teachers
    • Announcements to Parents
    • Judging Requests
    • Judging Follow Up
    • Announcements to Winners