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Facilities Coordinator

Time Estimate

  • 5-10 Hours a year

Overall Responsibility

  • Coordinate rental and set-up of Villa
  • Coordinate signage at Villa
  • Coordinate use of Healdsburg Library
  • Coordinate use of HJH for Tech day
  • Coordinate and Schedule school classes to view projects at the Villa

Support Required

  • May need someone to help get signage out of storage and set-up at Villa


  • Determine if existing signage is adequate for this year or needs replacement
  • Provide deposit to City of Healdsburg Villa Coordinator
  • Review layouts with Committee
  • Provide Villa:
    • Layouts (tables & chairs for General Viewing, Judges dinner, Awards ceremony)
    • Audio & Visual needs
    • Start and Ends times each day
  • Coordinate opening and closing of Villa if keys provided
  • Coordinate getting signage out of storage and set-up at Villa
  • Create a schedule of needed slots for ‘hosts’ to watch the villa during the viewing hours and get this to the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Obtain from the Volunteer Coordinator the list of people who agree to fill these slots.
  • Contact schools to ask them to coordinate class visits through you to prevent overloaded time slots. (Busing classes kind of takes care of this)
  • Schedule hosts for all public viewing hours
  • Provide instructions to hosts
  • Coordinate clean-up after awards ceremony
  • Get dates for following year and reserve venue, HJH & the Library
  • Contact teachers and encourage them to bring their classes to the villa during the public view times
  • Coordinate with HUSD bussing to transport classes to the villa


  • Floor Layout of tables/chairs at Villa
    • Standard Viewing
    • Judges dinner
    • Awards Ceremony
  • Facility Rental Contract, Setup, etc.
  • Instructions for the ‘Hosts’

Notes on Busing Coordination & Public Host

  • Contact each school administration & teachers to encourage them to bring their classes to the science fair on the “public” days… Wednesday and Thursday
  • Contact the busing coordinator for the Healdsburg Unified School District to arrange for buses for Healdsburg Elementary (regular and charter) and Fitch Mountain (regular and charter). In 2013 & 2014 it was Tim Pforsich (707) 431-3415 | (?)
  • Buses costs $25/hour plus $0.xx / mile. The science fair committee (us) picks up the bill. Buses hold 60-65 students (3 to a seat I believe), so at times multiple classes can ride on one trip.
  • In the past we have had 2-3 buses going to two different schools. They simply make loops dropping off and picking up.
  • We should encourage slots so that the students can be at the fair for approximately 30+ minutes. Ideally the slots would be continuous or nearly so.
  • There isn’t anyone at the schools to coordinate on the day of the event… the teachers are expected to gather their kids and get on the bus.
  • We ask students to donate $1/student if they can to offset the bussing, but it’s certainly not required. There was some talk that beyond getting the actual money, having the students contribute might make them feel like the event is more valuable to them.
  • The buses run from HES and Fitch Mountain, but typically not the Junior or High Schools. Any such buses would be tough do to fixed class slots for a single topic.
  • Because these teachers have the students all day, they are typically simply assigned a slot… there is effort to avoid recess, lunch, etc. There can then be some email exchanges to refine their slot, double their time perhaps (each class is typically scheduled to be there for 30 minutes)
  • Ideally this person would greet each class as they arrive and give them a little presentation (explain what is life & physical, where those projects are located, perhaps explain the winning Rube Goldberg machines, etc.)
  • This position will have a series of volunteers come as ‘back-up’. They are typically there for ~2 hour shifts and are great as a second pair of eyes on the students and any general public that stop by. Additionally, many classes ask parents to join them and help with the field trips, so most of the time there are plenty of adults watching the students.
  • The fair is open to the general public and any parents/students who stop by in addition to the formal classes.