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Tech Day Coordinator

Time Estimate

  • 30 - 40 Hours a year

Overall Responsibility

  • Ensure Tech Day runs smoothly, solve problems as they arise
  • Ensure all planned activities are properly lead and staffed
  • Coordinate locations of events 

Support Required

  • Individual event leaders
  • Access to HJH
  • Project Registration support


  • Work with event leaders to ensure logistics are thought out and covered
    • what awards need to be identified, ie most creative, workmanship
    • space requirements
    • event timing
    • back-up plans for rain
  • Confirm Facilities Coordinator has secured use of the HJH
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to obtain help. You may also want to solicit people you know as well. (make sure Volunteer Coordinator knows about everyone as he/she is responsible for all record keeping, etc.)
  • Create training materials to show volunteers what they will be doing and the major educational points.
  • Arrive at the event and begin unlock & setup. Put out signs, cones, tables, etc.
  • Maintain a list of all registrants & support the ‘hands-on’ fair by having them sign up. (Perhaps we should stamp hands??)
  • Coordinate with Registration Coordinator to ensure all entrants are registered
  • Collect all award winners and provide to:
    • Chair
    • Communications Coordinator
    • Awards Coordinator
  • Clean up after the event


  • None


Signage Typically Set Up

  • A-Frame sign on Grant Street with Balloons to direct people where to drop off projects.
  • Sign in project drop off area stating that it is drop off only and please park on street
  • Registration & Hands-On Fair Signs for Tables
  • Grades on Posts to define ‘sections’
  • Small sign on registration table regarding “photographing and videoing event”