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Each year approximately 100 local professionals meet to chat about science, enjoy a dinner, and review the projects.

We are always interested in connecting with science oriented people who are willing to help. If you can serve as a judge, please email


Q: Do I receive the projects I will be judging in advance?

A: No, currently all the students register within 48 hours of judging. Starting this year (2017) we will offer early registration for the first time, so this might change in the future.

Q: Are there any qualifications to being a judge?

A: We ask that judges have a background, either education or experience, in a Science category of some type.

Q: What are the requirements to being a judge?

A: All we ask is that you read the email communications we send, attend judging night, and participate by providing feedback to students.

Q: Are there any materials, rules, instructions, etc. that I should know in advance?

A: All judges will be sent instructions and a scoring rubric prior to judging. Additionally, during dinner (the night of the event), we will verbally review these same materials. We will likely have some changes this year, so even experienced judges should look for these in your email.


Unfortunately, the 2020 Science Fair has been cancelled.

Additional details on cancellation.