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2020 Science Fair Cancelled

We are very sorry to announce that the 2020 Healdsburg Science Fair has been cancelled.

In late January, we learned that the Healdsburg Junior High, which normally accounts for approximately 60% of the projects, was not going to participate this year. About the same time, we also learned that two schools, which provide the majority of the remaining projects, had conflicting events during the original dates and would also not be participating. We attempted to move the event to the week of March 15th, which would solve some of these issues, however we lost several of our vital volunteers doing so to other commitments.

Shaun McCaffrey (current chair) and Brian Kreck (past chair) will be reaching out to the schools to discuss the format of our event and what role this community group will play in the future. In general, the schools all have their students creating science projects of various types, but there might not be a common denominator as to what format those projects should adhere. For example, some schools are more/less interested in the competition aspect and others are more/less interested in the “testable” aspect of an experimental project versus other types of projects.

The organizing committee’s goal is to provide additional resources to the schools as fits with their particular curriculum, and the Next Generation Science Standards in general, and we will continue to work with the schools to see what works best for everyone. The future of the Healdsburg Science Fair might look significantly different, and we need additional volunteers to help map out the future. If you have any interest in helping with this next crucial phase of a 50-year old institution, please reach out to Shaun or Brian. We will be starting in the Summer of 2020 so that whatever is decided will be in the works for the next school year.


Unfortunately, the 2020 Science Fair has been cancelled.

Additional details on cancellation.